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SEO Campaign Examples That Will Blow Your Mind

seo campaign examples

Businesses need visibility to bring relevant users to their online assets and generate conversions through digital marketing.

One of the major online marketing channels that businesses have adopted is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through which they improve their business’s Google Ranking.

SEO enables businesses to not just build their brand awareness online but also increase their bottom-of-funnel conversions.

Given the viability of SEO, I’ll be sharing 4 SEO Campaign Examples to showcase which businesses are nailing it in 2024.

4 Amazing SEO Campaign Examples to take inspiration from

Here are some of the top examples of SEO in action to help you understand what to optimize on your site!

Monday.com – SaaS (#1 Top SEO Campaign Examples)


Monday.com is an established project management app and has a steady user base.

In case you didn’t know, Monday.com IPO’d last year in 2023.

To build their user base and scale Monday.com ideated on how it could build its brand awareness and bring more top-of-funnel users to their website.


Before IPO they launched an aggressive SEO & Content Marketing Campaign to boost their organic search visibility.

This included publishing nearly 1000 articles in 12 months versus target keywords that made sense for Monday.com.

That’s a whopping 125 articles a month.

The gain of this activity?

Increase in organic traffic from 100K to more than a Million SEO visitors per month by 2023.

Here is a snapshot of the major results & SEO Tactics of this amazing SEO Campaign Example from Monday.com:


  • 1,570% in the first three months
  • 1.2M monthly traffic
  • 35,000 position 1-3 keywords
  • Top 1 for “Project Management Software” (51K Monthly Searches)
  • Top 3 for “Project Management” (300K Monthly Searches)

This growth through the deployed SEO strategies hasn’t stopped though.

As of March 2024, Monday.com is currently generating over 2.1 million organic search visitors to its website.

seo campaign examples

Zapier – Online Automation Platform (#2 Top SEO Campaign Examples)


Zapier is an online automation platform that enables users to connect services and apps to streamline or automate tasks without the need of any coding.

As a use case, if you want to connect your SalesForce data with Google Spreadsheet then Zapier is the platform to go with.

Exploring Zapier’s SEO Metrics

As of March 2024, Zapier’s website attracts an impressive 6.6 million monthly visitors.

Comparing this figure to the site’s March 2021 performance, where the website drove 2.7 million monthly visitors, we can observe an impressive growth rate of over 244%.

example of seo strategy

What were the factors behind Zapiers Successful SEO Campaign Example?

Zapier used a product-led approach through which they created separate landing pages for all integrations on their platform.

Here is a snip of the Zapier x Slack Integration they set up.

seo campaign

If you look at the stats for this specific page one can see how good this strategy is.

That’s just the beginning.

There are a total of 43,891 indexed pages on Google related to Integration pages.

seo content examples

To complement their bottom-of-funnel approach, Zapier also utilizes high quality blog content to drive top of funnel content.

Currently, in March 2024, Zapier is ranking for over 100,000 keywords in the Top 10 SERP results for their blog as well.

This is contributing roughly 1.6 million organic search visitors to the Zapier website.

Healthline(#3 Top SEO Campaign Examples)


Healthline is one of the biggest health-related niche websites globally.

Healthline is part of the RVO Healthcare Division who run multiple YMYL niche sites.

The Top 5-10 health tech websites are all really strong SEO Examples to learn from but I selected Healthline because of its content and on-page aspects.

Just as a reminder, Healthline is currently getting more than 195 Million Organic Visitors per month.

seo marketing plan template

What have they achieved?

  • Healthline.com ranks for 4.4 million keywords in the top 10 (or page one) of Google.
  • Their website has 225,724 pages that rank.
  • It’s estimated that those rankings bring them around 195.4 million visitors per month.

But how did Healthline.com get here?

This didn’t happen overnight.

If you look at SEMRush data you can assess Healthline only had in total of 11,000 keywords ranking on Google

Measure that against a total of 19 million keywords as of March 2024 and you can see the explosion of organic traffic in Healthlines case.

Some of the major steps that Healthline took included:

  • Created and Published Relevant SEO-friendly Content
  • They Use Targeted Keywords
  • They Use Trusted Outgoing Links and Backlinks
  • They didn’t overlook visitors’ engagement and utilized ads in a measured manner.
  • Utilising E-E-A-T signalling masterclass by displaying author profiles who are experts in their respective niches.

Examine.com(#4 SEO Case Study)


Examine is the largest database of nutrition and supplement research on the internet. They have more than 30 researchers on our team, with half working full-time for Examine.

Examine was able to reach over 1 million monthly visitors from SEO. The most interesting part is that they did this without any manual link-building outreach or even having a focus on SEO.

seo & content

But that’s not all. Despite not utilizing any manual link building it managed to acquire links from sites like The New York Times and Forbes – on autopilot.

What are the key lessons of Examine.com’s success?

  • Focus on Relationships: Examine has received more than 5 backlinks from theguardian.com. But How? The company co-founders attribute it to caring about people. One of the best ways Examine.com deployed was by reaching out to individuals within the industry doing in-person meetings and attending events.
  • Creating Best Content That Exists: Hubman Lab podcast is one of the most renowned podcasts in the world in the health tech space & they regularly mention examine.com in its podcasts. The reason is that Examine.com produces differentiated and better content in their space. What’s their secret:
    • The researcher creates an outline to fully address the topic at hand.
    • The Researcher then writes the article
    • The article is copyedited by the content editor
    • The article is edited by the editor
    • The article is reviewed by the reviewer
    • Corrections and clarifications are incorporated at every level
    • The article is published on the website
  • Be Trustworthy (E-E-A-T): Examine faced a significant drop in traffic due to a Google update in 2018 that emphasized the importance of E-A-T, which now includes experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This meant that only content created by individuals with the necessary qualifications and credibility would be prioritized by Google.

    To regain trust and credibility, Examine made several changes when it relaunched its website.

    It introduced an author box at the beginning of each article to highlight the researchers and fact-checkers involved in creating the content. Additionally, the company expanded its “about” page to provide detailed bios of its team members, funding sources, and a clear explanation of why users should trust the information on the site.

    Another key step taken by Examine was the creation of an “editorial policy” page, outlining the rigorous research, writing, and editing processes followed before publishing any content. By being transparent about the sources of information, the qualifications of the writers, and the editorial standards in place, Examine was able to rebuild its traffic and attract over 1 million monthly visits. This highlights the importance of demonstrating expertise and transparency to improve visibility on Google and build credibility with users.